FANDOM      Predators should not be made into meat.Its a wrong type of meat and is not healthy as in religion taught about plant eaters and grain eaters.It does not make a sensible diet.Types of large animals that eat like creatures and mutants. Predators are not a meat source and its like cannibalism.Cannibals would eat a flesh eater for meat.Proper diet with plant eater grown grown big from eating plant eaters.They grow large and are not eating bugs.Meat has proteins in it from vegetation.Not a mutant creatures diet in a horror movie.Mutant will find no flavour in meat and will gorge on anything with flesh.But predators are intelligent and their flesh is like man.Way to start their extinction and can't come back once someone has made them into food.Intelligence and soul in it.It goes against a rule in religion about carnivores and their diet.Reason to bounty any cannibals.Sensibility.Fish eat bugs closest but eat plankton.Flesh eaters as man have diseases in their blood from being complicated.In order to be a flesh eater they are complicated.Plus their world can fight back in in were creatures.And in humanoids sharks don't always win.Humanoid animal predators.Proper predator and they have their sets of teeth and molars for chopping and fanging.Proper fangs and they cannot be pulled out.Predators have cells that have horrors in it as in religion to protect themselves.Predator creatures have been proven to eat man.That means that their souls are at a high level.Claws and teeth.Mammal hierachy.They have higher place than planteaters and control pests and planteaters from overpopulation.Poachers and criminal minded and you wonder what is wrong with many people that eat predators and hide intention go hunting.Psychological problem in their family.Destructive murders go take out abuse using excuse to go and game hunt and poach.Tribal Pacific.  Consumption of flesh layers and leads to murder on eating carnivores.Hiding meats in packets and we don't know what the animals are from a wild farm.And in mental illness.Craziness and mad eat predator like murderers.There is no boundry for mad people skipping on and eating flesh eaters as man is an omnivore.Gone mad on rampage will find and they find man eats meats and they get them.  Threatening terror to animal predators many have tried to war and harm them.And harm them in    religion and harm them with occult groups and supremacists.We carnivores bound together as a family and we go to the weaker.We don't want terror in our food and living.Animals in den live in terror.No reason.Reason is for animal kingdom to take up arms on them not going for plant eaters.Lesser intelligence as compared to man.Oldest creatures on earth.Scale from sharks to racoons.Their tribe.Slave animals.Lesser and not guarded by government and their own defenses to home defense.Their lives.Predators are smart to prey to religion.Higher being and soul and in religion they lost ability to be people predator animals.They were jedi's like in Star Wars.They lost this in an event.Clean up crew and carrion but its rediculous and leads to this.Only for plant eater carcasses a clean up carrion eater crew.Predators burried in a pet cemetary.Plus plant eaters as people and humanoids use military weapons.As man they arm up and take steroids.Man abilities to attack at racoons.    Eating Great White shark meat is a dangerous eating habit.Either they are massively ignorant and don't have the brains to what horror they are eating.A man must think he's deranged to eat a Great White but one day all of these predators will track these humans down.Worse than making war with the Animal Kingdom.Excuses they are eating a pest or mixed rodent.This is an act of war on predators.We have fangs and claws and can kill men armed with knives,tear off their arms and jugular as technique.They were meant to be anti-planteater.Humans were on their diet.That smart.Can be violent.Predator's meat does not have proteins like planteater.Its considered cannibalism to eat predator as its not a livestock or exotic deer.Polar bear has meat but so does man.And Polar bears capable of digesting man with ease.Its a giant scarey creature with enzymes in its system beyond man that many times.It proves its a predator even cleanup crew like crow and seagull.Not proper meat to eat menu unless your a mutant.Not bread or potatoes,veges.Predator's meat is not digestable for reasons the creator made into each of them even small ones and predators that are cannibal pay massively.They come out with disorders.Body of them is like person and worse.Because of its intelligence level.Sharks eat whales because whales are animals.                                                                                   ;f=108;t=000661;p=0                                                                                                                        

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